Cough and cold season

These lion products are the perfect companions to boost strength and support before and during the burdensome time of runny noses.

Niendorfs Pax Tonsillae

Niendorf's Pax Tonsillae - Peace for your Tonsils

For calming down your throat - a good treat for your health!
10 ml
Niendorfs Cistrose

Niendorf's Cistus

Cistus is a medical herb from the Mediterranean region which is three times as healthy as green tea, protects your heart four times better than red wine and has an anti-oxidative power twenty times stronger than freshly squeezed lemon juice.
75 g
Bronchia's Friend

Niendorf's Bronchia's Friend

Bronchia's Friend is at your side soothing and strengthening you when an infectious airway is giving you a hard time breathing.
30 ml
Niendorf's Cold Bath

Niendorf's Cold Bath

Niendorf's Cold Bath supports and relieves your airways when you have a cold.
250 ml
Herpinator® intern

Niendorf's Herpinator internal - Blend of vitality substances

Those suffering from stress know very well: The annoying herpes blisters appear at the most inconvenient time...
58.9 g

Niendorf's Herpinator

Those suffering from stress know very well: The annoying herpes blisters appear at the most inconvenient time...
10 ml

Niendorf's Cough Scent

It is the scent of eucalyptus that is very beneficial for your heavy head and tired limbs during the cough and cold season.
50 ml
Niendorfs Schnupfenfeind®

Niendorf's Cold Fighter

A special composition of well-proven oils and essences, based on long-time experience, gives you an easier time when breathing.
10 ml
Niendorfs Erkältungstee

Niendorf's Cough and Cold Tea

This herbal blend combines the experience of traditional health teachers from all over the word. In this blend traditional and trusted methods complement each other. The strengthening impact of the purple coneflower (Echinacea) to our defense system was already held in high regard by the American Indians.
75 g

Niendorf's Bronchial Tea

This bronchial tea includes classical herbs of the Traditional Western Medicine that have a soothing effect on cough and support a quick recovery.
75 g
Heilsalbe 22®

Healing Ointment 22

Healing Ointment 22 quickly soothes agonizing skin irritations in a reliable, old-established way.
30 g
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