For mommies and babies

Lovingly balanced care compositions ensure that mommy and baby are well taken care of before and during pregnancy.


Mamilla Oil

The natural care of myrtle, lavender, benzoin, chamomile and other oils prevents nipples from being cracked and wound. To let you calmly enjoy this intensive phase.
30 ml
Mutterliebe (Babymassage-Ãl)

Mother's Love (baby massage oil)

We know that "Mother's Love", our baby massage oil made of lavender and rose, has a relaxing effect on mommy and baby - and will let both of them look at each other in intimate union!
50 ml
Mamma Leone (nach der Geburt)

Mamma Leone (after birth)

Due to the composition of numerous effective oils the regular use of Mama Leone helps to strengthen the connective tissue, counteracts stretch marks and will even let them grow pale.
50 ml
Hallo Baby!

Hello Baby! (before birth)

Nourish your wonderful belly and feel that something beautiful is growing in you.
50 ml
Niendorfs Damm-Massageöl

Niendorf's Perineum Massage Oil

A perineum care is applied as additional part of an all-round birth preparation as it keeps the perineal tissue smooth and supple.
Niendorfs Vierwindeöl

Niendorf's Four Winds Oil

Baby's stomach cramps can be tenderly massaged away with flatulence curbing oils that are part of Niendorf's calming and relieving Four Winds Oil.
30 ml
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