Skin care

Every skin can be velvety and beautiful. Oils and creams from Niendorf's Lion's Manufactory guarantee a special skin care experience.

Niendorfs Hämorrhoidenöl

Niendorf's Hemorrhoids Oil

Niendorf's Hemorrhoids Oil provides fast relief thanks to healing oils like cypresses, geranium, juniper berry, and lavender that are dissolved in marigold oil. For comfortable and relaxed sitting.
10 ml

Niendorf's Wound Healing Oil

A prodigy from the Lion Family - the pleasant wound healing oil cannot move mountains but can quickly bring dancing light into the eyes of sceptics.
30 ml

Niendorf's Scar Oil

Niendorf's Scar Oil is a perfectly balanced oil that can smoothen long-standing scars by applying it twice a day.
30 ml
Heilsalbe 22®

Healing Ointment 22

Healing Ointment 22 soothes agonizing skin irritations in a reliable and old-established way.
Küss mich noch einmal

Kiss me again - Lip Balm

Peppermint and mandarin, imbedded in tender shea butter, flattered by fine honey.
30 ml
Niendorfs Busenfreund®

Niendorf's Bosom Buddy

Niendorf's Bosom Buddy cares with nurturing oils like wild rose oil, rose hip oil and Aloe Vera oil. When applied, Niendorf's Bosom Buddy adds a silky-smooth and gently strengthening layer to this sensitive part of your body.
30 ml
Niendorfs Rosen-Hand-Creme

Niendorf's Rose Hand Cream

Like the well-known Niendorf's hand and foot cream, her "beautiful sister", the tender Niendorf's Rose Hand Cream, is made out of selected essential oils.
100 ml
Niendorfs Schrundencreme

Niendorf's Crack Cream (for foot care)

Niendorf's Crack Cream provides the perfect care with two daily applications after removal of cornea by a professional foot care.
100 ml
Niendorfs Hand- & Fusscreme

Niendorf's Hand and Foot Cream

Niendorf's Hand and Foot Cream in the elegant silver tube will make the daily care of hands and feet your most delightful exercise for well-being.
100 ml
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