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Ancient formulations from bygone centuries
The Lion's Manufactory in the Lion's Pharmacy

Naturopathy and aromatherapy always were assigned a high priority at the Lion's Pharmacy in Lübeck. The formulations passed on by Mr. Niendorf's great grandfather, based on ancient monastic wisdom, build the framework of his Lion's Manufactory. Mr. Niendorf's grandfather remained true to this tradition and was widely known and valued for his sound knowledge on homeopathy. In an 800 years old fine town-house the Lion's Pharmacy has been producing herbal compositions over centuries with high diligence and pharmaceutical expertise in terms of the Traditional Western Medicine (TWM). Much of the newly-discovered knowledge that was forgotten for hundreds of years, dates back to Hildegard of Bingen. This important woman lived in the 11th century and was one of the first polymaths of her time. She focused closely on the origin, treatment and particularly the prevention of diseases.

All products of the Lion's Manufactory are based on centuries-old monastic wisdom. Thus, the fascination of herbal lore found its way into all our formulations. Their ingredients have been applied from ancient times on for the ease of various complaints like insomnia, cold, muscle pain or as mosquito repellent. Meanwhile, formulations like Lion's Sleep, Herpinator or LeoMobil are known all over Germany, because the pharmacy's thorough plant-based product development is gaining more and more supporters. We are excited by the power and talent of lavender, thyme, juniper, rose and over 100 essential oils that you can find in our fine mixtures. We trust in the natural effect of marigold and arnica and we are more and more convinced of the often described self-healing abilities of nature.

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Löwenschön, the fine beauty store of Lübeck

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